Who doesn't like bacon? You? I feel sorry for you!  This ornament should be on every real guy's Christmas tree this year!

I ran across this ornament on the internet. I have a couple of friends who not only LOVE bacon, but actually treat it as a way of life. Here's what the website has to say about this great little ornament:

Bacon; food of the gods, we'd gladly eat it morning, noon and night. Unfortunately this would probably kill us...and I think we'd all agree that's a bad thing. However we do have a great gift that means you can really show your love for bacon without the whole obesity thing. This bacon ornament is the perfect bacon lover's gift and is blinged out to the max; at 4 1/2" tall it will be the perfect decoration for a rearview mirror, neck or Christmas tree. We've even thrown in a free string for you to hang it with. Best of all it's even suitable for vegetarians. Bacon Ornament is made of plastic with a shiny, metallic, finish.

Here's the link to order:

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