15th District State Representative Bruce Chandler was in the thick of state legislature's efforts to meet the State Supreme Court's ordered fix of education funding known as the McCleary Decision.  Billions of dollars were directed toward education, property tax calculations were restructured, school levy capabilities were reduced and it is still confusing and not complete.

As area educators begin to bargain with their local districts for the money the legislature has directed for increased salaries, teachers see other districts settling for 10 to 20 percent pay raises, some frustrations have surfaced in Yakima, Selah and Toppenish.  Teachers are asking if administrators are living up to the legislative intent.  We asked Representative Chandler to help determine exactly what that is. I'm still not sure we know but we thank him for the interview!

Full disclosure - my wife Sara Ettl is a 4th grade teacher at Gilbert Elementary in Yakima.

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