Let’s talk shopping…Christmas shopping.  One of the reasons so many people shop on line these days is because they don’t like crowds. So, wouldn’t you like to know when the best days are for in-person shopping?  I thought so.

Next Friday is Black Friday and the crowds will be understandably large but what are the windows of opportunity for crowd-haters after that?

The Business Insider reports that InMarket, a digital marketing leader, has compiled data on the most- and least-crowded days in stores during the holiday.

InMarket uses Bluetooth beacons to connect with shoppers' smartphones, and was able to get traffic data from 50 million people from last year's holiday shopping season.

50 million is what I would call a reasonable sample so I believe it when and InMarket’s computations found that December 13th was the least crowded day, and there was also a dip on December 5th.

The biggest crowds were found on Black Friday, the weekend before Christmas, and the day before Christmas .

For all the people who do post-Christmas returns, the obvious big crowd zone is the week after the holiday so be a little patient and you can have some more elbow room with your returns. (Business Insider)

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