Another symptom of the politically correct weirdness overtaking America is the recent reduction of the Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer story from happy holiday icon to a tortured toxic tale of bullying and abuse!

George Giuliani, a special ed professor at Long Island University in New York, recently went on "Fox & Friends" where he claimed the treatment Rudolph receives Santa  and the other reindeer is tantamount to bullying.

Giulian told ABC news that when Comet, the team coach, discovers Rudolph's nose glows, he banishes him from the team and tells the other reindeer to never let him join in any reindeer games adding, "What a terrible message to send to children!"


To which we say -Simmer Down Mr. Giuliani, it's only a story AND it just so happens that reindeer physiology is such that it couldn't happen.

The Daily Mail reports that University of Exeter researchers have found reindeer lack the color-detecting cells that humans use to see shades of red, orange, and green.

In other words "all of the other reindeer" who used to laugh and call him names,  were themselves, color blind.

Study leaders say Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and the others wouldn't be able to see the red of Rudolph's nose.  No red nose, no reindeer bullying!  Aren't you glad we solved that one?!

But don't worry about the vision capabilities of reindeer.  They may not be able to see shiny red BUT they do have ultraviolet vision, and use it to see their favorite food - lichens hidden under the arctic snow. Ho, ho, ho and now you know, know, know!


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