C'mon Washington, show a little self-respect!

I like to consider myself more of a manly man, an old-school kinda guy.

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Foul Smell Of Betrayal

I'm not into the foo-foo, I don't spend too much time worrying about moisturizers, feng shui, or aromatherapy. So when I see or hear of a high fashion faux pas of any kind, in any realm, I normally turn my head and just keep on walking...but this one...oh no, this one needs to be addressed.  This one represents a sell-out of the great state of Washington by Washingtonians and I can't let it go unchallenged.

Our story starts with the strike of a match.

Candle Burn Bright

The match lights the wick, the wick burns and melts the "designer candle", and that releases the manufactured scent.  Make no mistake about it, candles are big business.

In 2019, the candle industry was valued at ​$3.54 billion​ and was projected to grow to ​$6.64 billion​ by 2027, according to Verified Market Research. With various candles available on the market, from major suppliers to independent creators, candle market trends have shown no signs of slowing down.

What's with the candle commentary, Dave?  I thought you were a manly man?

I am. But I like my candles and I can't believe what Washingtonians say they love most!

The Scent Search Is On

The Shane Co specializes in diamonds and fine jewelry. Why they care about candles I don't know, but apparently they do, and they ran a Google search trend to find out what was the most researched candle scent in each of the 50 United States.

Keep in mind there are a lot of options.

More than 10,000 diverse candle scents are available to American consumers. Candle manufacturers have the enormous task of creating, marketing and correlating their scents directly to the businesses they wish to attract. This requires subliminal manipulation to which consumers readily respond. They open their wallets to purchase that scent that takes them back to another time and place; to memories lost but now regained from the mists of times past.

America's Favorite Candles

So what was the most sought-after scent?  9 states picked pumpkin.  Was Washington one of them? NO.

Vanilla was second with 8 states backing the bean.  Was Washington one of them? NO.

Washington's Nose Knows Not

So what scent did the Apple Capital of the country pick?  Was it Apple? Apple Pie? Baked Apple? Cinnamon Apple? No, No, No, and No.  Washington State, the Apple of America's eye picked ...citrus!!!!

Citrus, when compared to apples, "fruitly" speaking, citrus is the other white meat of fruit!

We Are in Tart And Acidic Company

Only ONE other state picked citrus and guess who? It was "a-day-without-Orange-Juice-is-like-a-day-without-sunshine" Florida!   Thanks, Anita Bryant!  How come they can support the home aroma and we in Washington can't?

I am discouraged, disappointed and I have my nose out of joint, which isn't good when you're talking about smelling favorite candle scents.  But then this whole thing doesn't make sense!

C'mon Washington, support the apple!  It's the scent that butters your bread economic bread!

PS. My personal favorite candle is...citrus.  BUSTED! (but then in my defense, I'm from North Dakota and we didn't even search enough about candles to leave a trend!)

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