Undoubtedly, you will be seeing posts in your Facebook feed regarding the "Super Moon" which is to arrive Sunday, June 23rd, and are even being asked to "spread the word."

Alas, like much on the internet, memes like this are sometimes completely fabricated or based in only a small shred of truth.  Which one is this?

According to the website EarthSky, the moon on the 23rd of this month will "not only be the closest and largest full moon of the year, it will also present the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013."

With that, may of the pics being floated on Facebook (much like the one I used for this post) do NOT accurately represent what can be viewed that night.

According to the website Hoax-Slayer.com "it will not appear bright purple or blue as suggested by some circulating graphics. Nevertheless, June 23 should present a great opportunity to view and photograph the moon in all its splendor"

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