State Senator Judy Warnick (R-Moses Lake) and other GOP leaders have sent yet another letter to Gov. Inslee, this time pointing out the stark negative effects his latest lockdown is having on physical and conversely mental health.

Since November, when Inslee closed gyms and fitness centers (again) and slammed down youth sports and activities, Warnick says not only has it hurt these businesses, but Inslee and other leaders are basically ignoring the detrimental effect it's having on citizens and youth.

Warnik said in part:

"Closing down activities that are good for people’s physical and emotional wellbeing doesn’t align with the facts.”

She and the other legislators pointed out that according to the WSDOH's OWN data, COVID transmissions-issues-cases from fitness centers, gyms and other sports activities account for less than 1 percent of all confirmed cases of COVID.

Warnick says depriving people of ways to stay healthy, recreate and exercise is only going to make their mental health worsen. Without the ability to exercise, 'blow off steam' so to speak, and children be able to as well, our stress is only going to compound.  Even WSDOH has admitted this, have you seen the dozens of new 'mental health assistance' ads on TV and Facebook-social media?

We can attest to that, as our daughter plays on a Tri City area 12-U select softball team. The team was slated to participate in a USSSA-ASA indoor tournament in the well known massive NW Sports Hub facility in Centralia December 4 weekend. The Toys For Tots Tournament was a large competition tied into a fund raising effort for the holidays, but according to USSSA-ASA officials it's been scrapped due to Inslee's lockdown.

To read the full text of her letter, click on the button below.

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