It’s 10 days into the New Year and time to check in on our consultant, businessman, blogger buddy Tim Bryce of Tampa, Florida.  He’s a semi-regular guest on the show, writes an interesting blog and always is spot on the viewpoints of most of the KIT listeners.

To start 2018 Tim is taking an honest look in America’s mirror to report on the “Ugly Truth About America.”  Here’s a taste:

“ Yes, Americans are not really happy with their lives. I tend to believe this is caused by the tension we are under, both financially and politically. Norway is considered the happiest country on the planet. The USA isn’t even in the Top 10; currently we are at #14, having dropped one point from 2016. Americans seem to be most happy when they score a personal victory, not necessarily as a team. For example, an individual will relish a job promotion even if the company is struggling to survive. Strange.”

Tim goes on to say we embrace a drug culture, we’re addicted to technology, we have a privileged class and we are ignorant of history.

“When you compare the USA to other countries, Americans are grossly in the dark regarding the past. This leads to misunderstandings regarding the principles of government (the Electoral College is an excellent example), and dooms us to commit prior mistakes repetitiously….We are raising a generation that is historically illiterate and have a very sketchy, thin knowledge of the system on which our entire civilization is based on. It is regrettable and dangerous.”

To read the rest of this column and more of Tim’s other works check out:

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