Southeast Yakima Area Clean Up Will Take a Load Off the Community's Shoulders

Community Clean Up
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The Southeast part of Yakima has so much to offer and the Henry Beauchamp Center is a huge part of the cultured and esteemed history of the area. There are many residents who are passionate about getting the streets cleaned up and safe for families and children to play without having to notice disarray on the streets and sidewalks, so there is a group of volunteers at the ready to participate in the Community Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 30th!

This won't be an ordinary round of folks walking up and down the sidewalks peering at the sidewalks and gutters for any stray trash, they are going to have trucks going through the neighborhood to help!

Community Clean-Up Day in Southeast Yakima is going to encourage residents in those neighborhoods to get rid of any yard trash they may have sitting in their yards ready to be discarded. I know during those two wild years of surviving in the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our Yakima friends, family and neighbors had time to sit around their house and go, "Hmmm, I need to get rid of some of this junk in my yard!" Time has flown by and here it is a couple of years later and now you've got your manifested wish--to have someone come by with trash bins to help you get that stuff out of your living spaces!

Thank you so much to the Henry Beauchamp Center and the OIC of Washington, and to every last one of the volunteers who are helping keep this beautiful part of Yakima clean!




HOW TO VOLUNTEER OR GET MORE INFO: CALL Mayra or Frank at (509) 575—6114

NOTE: No loads to the Temporary Collection site (1200 Block of Fairbanks Ave & 1000 Block of N 9th Ave) will be accepted after 12 p.m.

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