It's almost summer!!!  Picnics, vacations, trips to the river, lake and beach and all that good summer food!  But remember -  a full tummy and swimming don't mesh. right?

Wrong!  One more myth - Busted!

.As a kid, you were probably told that you must wait at least half hour after eating before you swim or you'll risk cramping up and possibly drowning! Sound familiar, right?

But mom was wrong, bless her heart and  a Lifehacker website says it turns out this is nothing more than a myth.

And an old myth at that!!  Back in 1918, a publication called How to Swim, said that "a period of at least two hours should elapse between eating and entering the water" because if the water's cold it could stop the digestive process and start severe cramping.

Ok, sounds reasonable but fast forward a hundred years and modern science hasn't been able to confirm this.  In fact, some competitive swimmers actually eat before and during long distance swims.

We love mom, but on this, to her, we say...CANNONBALL!!!


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