I need to ask your patience for a moment as I do some soul searching. You see, I never thought I'd be one of those people who takes copious pictures of their plates of food - and then post them on the internet.

I mean, the occasional perfect meatloaf deserves to be seen or the brisket that came out of the smoker perfectly or perhaps the replication of my Mom's award-winning potato salad. But, taking pictures of food I've ordered from a restaurant? For delivery?!

Well, as it turns out, YES! I am one of those people and I'm eager to report I've found an amazing Greek restaurant here in Yakima that has my taste-buds screaming Opa..... without any messy plate smashing!

The KABOB HOUSE, 2706 W Nob Hill Blvd., Suite 103 at Rainier Square in Yakima, really does offer a taste of the Mediterranean right here in the Valley - and you can order take out or have anything from their incredible menu delivered to your door!

Brian Stephenson.

APPETIZER FOR THREE: Dolmeh, Babaganoush, Taziki, Falafel & choice of Hummus, served with pita. SO GOOD!

We were in the mood sample appetizers so we also ordered the GREEK FRIES!

Brian Stephenson

Greek seasoned french fries topped with oregano & feta cheese, served with ranch.

Brian Stephenson

Then, along with a big batch of perfect Pita, I just had to try the Jalapeno-Cilantro Hummus and an extra serving of the amazing Taziki.

Three of us, all hungry, had more than enough to be exceedingly satisfied and pledge to order again, very soon, wanting to try one of their popular entrees like Gyros (I'm told they're the best in the Valley) Souvlaki, Spanakopita, Greek Salads (so fresh and delicious on a hot summer day) and many other items from their vast menu selection.

I'm Greek Orthodox and one of my goals in life is to get to Greece and visit Churches, perhaps even Mount Athos (if they're have me) the beaches, the historic sites and enjoy the food! Until then, I know I can use my app, order a feast and have a little bit of the Mediterranean sent right to my door. Check out the menu on their website HERE.



Stay here! If you love to look at pictures of all kinds of food, here's your chance!