Another in a series of short day trips you can take around the Yakima Valley that won’t totally destroy your gas budget.

When I was a kid, Granger was just a place we had to go through to get to our dentist in Sunnyside. Later, it became a place where some of the toughest high school football players (Paul Golob, the Andrews Twins, Mero Valenzuela, Raleigh Heitzman) in the valley went to school. Now, it's known as the city where dinosaurs roam.

Hisey Park, just off highway 223 was just another park along the Yakima River before 1992. In 1994, the public works crew got into the dinosaur building business. Now over twenty dinosaur sculptures are part of the landscape. 

The park is also home to a playground, amphitheatre, pond and river frontage. Each year, it hosts a 4th of July celebration, Dino In A Day event and Yakima Valley Menudo Cookoff.

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