The KIT News/Talk radio listening audience is fairly typical of conservative talk listeners everywhere.  I mean yes, you ARE special to us!  But, like most conservative talk listeners, you are old enough to have gained the wisdom to see and appreciate the value of conservative principles and ideals.  Which, is a polite way of saying we aren't kids anymore!  The average age of News/Talk listeners is north of 50.  So while I don't dwell on that, I do use that reality to guide the choices we make when selecting optional stories or information to talk about.  Like this from the UK.


Just because you are over 65 and divorced, it doesn't mean your relationship life is over too!  Hope is not just the providence of youth. A new report shows a significant boost in what some modern slang-sters call “silver splitters” getting remarried.
Society observers say that dating apps may be behind this trend.  A check of trends indicates that while marriage has generally been on the decline for those in the younger age bracket, tying the knot has increased significantly for those 65 and older since 2009. Access to dating websites and financial independence are believed to be the causes.  So, you are silver, single and ready to mingle ...and if you are female, you may be shrinking!


According to the DailyMail, a new study out of Sweden has found that while the weight of time and gravity eventually pulls us all down, women are more likely than men to shrink as they age.  Researchers found that women shed around half an inch per decade from age 30 on!  They say that has serious repercussions for women's health as those who suffered the most height loss were twice as likely to die of heart disease.

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