Well as the training camps for all NFL teams are in full operation mode and that means that players are battling for a spot on the team. We as fans are rooting for some up coming player that we would like to see make the team. I for one is watching for the ex-green beret member Nate Boyer make it for the Seahawks. Nate has captured the Seahawks and the fans' hearts. Today, the Seahawks had to made a move that they were not happy with. They released Nate Boyer today. The Seahawks feels that there is a spot in the NFL for him. I for one thank him for his duty to the country and reaching for that dream of playing in the NFL. I hope he will inspire all of us to strive for more. Maybe he will be back on the field soon. I hope so! So to Nate Boyer, keep go reaching for your dream and GO HAWKS!