Seahawks fan Bill VandenBush can look you in the eye and tell you how he supports his team without saying a word. One look says it all.

VandenBush has gone so far as to have the Seahawks' logo imprinted on his prosthetic eye.

A fan since 1976, VandenBush mentioned to his wife that he thought "it would be cool to have one." She surprised him with one on their 10th wedding anniversary.

VandenBush told KIRO TV that he lost his eye in 1969 when he was fighting in Vietnam. While trying to rescue the crew of a crashed helicopter, an explosion damaged his right eye and his vocal cords, leaving him with difficulty seeing and speaking.

VandenBush does have a regular prosthetic eye that he wears most of the time, which has to be replaced about every six years. He says he plans to wear his Seahawks' model on special occasions like game days.

VandenBush downplays his disabilities, saying he tries to have fun with it.


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