Officials at Pacific Power is warning customers of a phone scam targeting customers. They say over the last week customers in Yakima and other areas have received calls from scammers claiming they're from Pacific Power. The callers, who at this time seem to be targeting small businesses and time their calls for the weekend, insist that the customer is behind on payments. They threaten service will be disconnected until a payment is made. Pacific Power officials want to remind customers that if the caller says he is with the "Pacific Power Disconnection Department." No such department exists. If the caller asks for your credit card number or advises you to purchase a pre-paid card from a store and to call back with the code. Pacific Power will not ask for this information.
If the caller claims your electric service will be disconnected if you don't make a payment immediately, particularly if you haven't received any prior notice about late payments or a potential disconnection hang up. Pacific Power officials say they would never threaten customers.
If you receive one of these scam calls Pacific Power says ask the caller to state your account number and compare it with the number listed on your bill. Pacific Power customer service employees will always have your account number.

Remember, if you still have concerns about the legitimacy of a call, you can always hang up on the suspected scammer and call Pacific Power at the customer service number, 1-888-221-7070.

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