4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse released this statement following the President's State of the Union Address.

“Tonight’s message was clear: United as a people, Americans can succeed in solving the challenges we face," said Rep. Newhouse. "United in purpose, workers and families can realize the American dream. President Trump’s first State of the Union speech laid out a positive vision for the future of our country.

The President’s leadership is critical on many important matters facing our country, and his willingness to support a legislative solution for DACA recipients and to secure our borders creates a window of opportunity for action on immigration. The President rightly pointed out that the passage of historic tax reform is already fostering economic growth and opportunity for American workers and middle class families.

The President acknowledged that the institutions of the family and religion stand at the center of our lives more than the government ever could, and I applaud his support for our most fundamental freedoms. He made the case that the opioid crisis afflicting families demands action.

President Trump laid out his administration’s commitment to the most important duty there is: strongly defending the United States and American citizens. When America is strong, unified, and proud, we can accomplish anything.”

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