At last. We finally had the opportunity to talk to 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse about his vote to impeach Donald Trump.

We've heard from other elected Republicans, local Republican leadership and from you. Lots and lots of you great KIT listeners have shared your thoughts on Newhouse's decision.

We've been trying to connect with the Congressman for weeks and I think both he and KIT are satisfied with outcome.  Newhouse got about 45 minutes to state his case (that never happens with most media) and we got ask some of the questions you've been asking us to ask him.  It remains to be seen if you accepted his explanation but for me, I would say we will have to respectfully agree to disagree.

I like Dan Newhouse.  I was hoping to hear something other than what I heard but at the same time I also respect what I did hear.  I believe he is a sincere man who cares deeply about the District and who loves the Country.  But I think that perhaps his own goodness got in his way.  Let me explain.

He says he felt that failing to vote to impeach would be condoning the violence that took place.  (They mustn't be allowed to get away with it!) Understandable on one hand, but not the issue at hand.

Congressman Newhouse absolutely believes that President Trump violated his oath of office by not responding quickly or forcefully enough to put down the riot of January 6 and in that, Trump failed the Country.  But that is not the charge against him.  Trump is charged with inciting insurrection and Newhouse admits the President didn't do that!

So in my opinion, a decent man voted to impeach, based on his own value judgments on what he believes was the President's inadequate response to an episode of violence that was outside of the President's control.  What Dan's argument doesn't do is make the jump from what happened that was admittedly bad under Trump's watch - to what Trump's role really was in that and what he was actually charged with doing....without due process of witnesses, evidence or a hearing.

He had a different experience than any of us just watching on TV.  He reached his conclusion based on his experiences, his understanding of and respect for the constitution and his Christian upbringing.  He says emotion wasn't a factor but that deliberation and prayer were.

He called his vote to impeach the toughest vote he ever had to make and it would probably be the hardest vote he would ever have to make.  I don't doubt him when he says that.  He also says he was well aware that voters in the district would likely disagree with decision.

The question now is - did Congressman Dan Newhouse's explanation change your mind about supporting him in the future?

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