The Rattlesnake Ridge anticipated landslide may not happen when anticipated. Jeff Emmons Director of the Yakima Valley Office of Emergency Management told reporters Tuesday. "The landslide is still moving at a constant rate of between 1.6 and 1.7 feet per week. But the landslide isn't accelerating anymore and is expected to grind on at this rate."
And as a result of that slow movement the experts now say they can't predict a window of time that it will happen. Emmons says it could take months for the slide to happen and then it could be a gradual slide rather than one big event.
Emmons says so far they've seen some small rocks fall into the quarry area but no large rocks have fallen on Thorp Road which remains closed. He continues to stress that people not climb on the ridge because it's private property and because people could disrupt equipment monitoring the land. The people who were moved out of homes near the ridge are now being helped to find permanent housing.

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