Well, I suppose we have to mark the passing of Hugh Hefner in some fashion.  It’s the least a good news/talk organization can do.  Since he was credited with bringing sex out into the open, how about a study on the public display of affection.

There are those people for whom even holding hands in public seems too much and there are also those who don’t resist making out in restaurants and public transportation and there are even those cross the line on beaches, airplanes and bathrooms.  This study looked at the croup in the middle.

In a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research,  150+ female and about 200 male college students were asked about public displays of affection. They found while most said they weren't into making out in public, 32 percent of women and 37 percent of men admit they had done so before.

Women’s Health reports the reasons why the reluctant participated in the PDA.  Among women: 55 percent wanted to be seen with men to make other people jealous (that isn’t very nice); 34 percent wanted to signify a relationship, and 30 percent wanted to enhance their image.

For men, the reasons were a little more self serving: 59 percent made-out publicly to boost their image (does that really work?); 38 percent did so simply to prove they could(you cad  or should I say player): and 20 percent wanted to show a relationship.

Yet, even with public displays of affection, every Ying has a Yang -  57 percent of men felt their reputation improved after the PDA, while 39 percent of women felt the act had a negative impact on their reputation. My thoughts - holding hands can be charming at any age, a smooch or a hug reinforces a connection, but full on make outs? Get a room!

I don’t  s’pose Hef would agree…or would he?

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