I'm not on Twitter so I guess I can still talk about the election?  Can't I?  Is that ok?  Who else is out there to censure my thoughts and opinions?  Wait, this goes to facebook too...what about that Zuckerberg dude?  Is he watching?  No doubt.  Tread lightly?  No thanks.

Are you familiar with Dennis Prager?  Wikipedia  says, "Dennis Mark Prager is an American conservative radio talk show host and writer. ... He founded PragerU, an American non-profit organization that creates videos on various political, economic, and philosophical topics from a conservative perspective."

I really appreciate his common sense, logic and clarity of message.  He wrote a piece for the Patriot Post titled "The Most Important Question About the 2020 Election" and it's quite good.

Critics - "give it a rest Ettl, that's old news, we have a new President and the political/cultural machine is already busy going about the business of canceling out anybody still talking about the BIG LIE of a stolen election--do you want to be next?"

ME - that's the point, people are being punished for their beliefs and in America that's not the way we do things (at least we didn't used to)

Is it crazy or unpatriotic to ask about the fairness of the election?   Dennis Prager is no friend of past President Trump but he is all about promoting and preserving  conservative principles and values and that includes fair elections.

Here's how he sets up his recent article.

"It isn't a "lie," and it isn't a crackpot conspiracy theory, to wonder about the integrity of America's 2020 presidential election...".

Without proclaiming a conclusion, Prager shares a list of what he calls anomalies that by themselves raise questions worthy of review, such as:

"In 132 years, no president has received more votes in his run for reelection and lost. Yet Donald Trump received 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016 — and lost.

Trump won 18 of the 19 counties both Democrats and Republicans regard as the “bellwether” counties that virtually always go with the outcome of presidential elections. Yet he lost.

Republicans held onto all the House seats they were defending and gained another 13 seats. Yet, Trump lost."

Add to that, changes (legal or not) to election laws, massive numbers of ballots sent out to people who didn't even request them and more.

But Mr. Prager's most interesting point about the election is the question of "possibility."

Is it possible that Democrats would be willing to cheat on behalf of Joe Biden, and further, is it possible that Democrats believed they had a moral imperative to cheat? If Democrats really believed Trump was a fascist, a dictator, a racist, white supremacist, a Nazi, that he was an agent of the Russian government as well as a homophobe, xenophobe and all around terrible person, is it possible that some Democrats might also believe they had an national obligation to make sure such a person didn't win?

I'll let you read the rest of his thought process and conclusion HERE.  I hope you will,




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