Peter Gabriel has released the Dark-Side Mix of a new song titled “The Court,” the second offering from his upcoming album i/o.

You can listen to the song below.

"I had this idea for ‘the court will rise’ chorus, so it became a free-form, impressionistic lyric that connected to justice, but there’s a sense of urgency there,” Gabriel said in a statement. “A lot of life is a struggle between order and chaos, and in some senses, the justice or legal system is something that we impose to try and bring some element of order to the chaos. That’s often abused, it’s often unfair and discriminatory, but at the same time, it’s probably an essential part of a civilized society. But we do need to think sometimes about how that is actually realized and employed."

“The Court” follows the January release of “Panopticom,” Gabriel’s first original song since 2016’s “The Veil.” The former Genesis singer will release one new song from i/o every full moon, and each track will feature two different mixes from engineers Tchad Blake and Mark “Spike” Stent.

"Rather than choosing only one of their mixes to release, I have decided that people should be able to hear all the great work that they are both doing,” Gabriel explained. "I intend to ask them to mix each month's song, with Spike's mixes being called the Bright-Side and Tchad's the Dark-Side. Whether you hear the Bright-Side or the Dark-Side first will vary each full moon, depending on the order we decide to release them. I know this amount of detail is not for everyone, but I hope those that are into their music production will enjoy their different interpretations."

Gabriel will support i/o with a European tour beginning in May.

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