What's up with construction in Yakima?  The City of Yakima reports that new multi-family construction in the City of Yakima more than doubled last year.

There were 29 new multi-family developments permitted in Yakima during 2019, creating 385 new units with a combined estimated valuation of $32,600,179. In 2018, there were just 12 permits issued for new multi-family developments with a combined estimated valuation of $7,367,932.

Construction Growth in 2019 included:

  • Permits for duplexes -- rose from 35 in 2018 to 48 in 2019, with estimated valuation increasing from $9,951,757 to $13,147,979.
  • Permits for new commercial construction climbed from 71 in 2018 to 75 last year with estimated valuation increasing from $39,163,347 in 2018 to $44,754,120 last year.
  • Combined valuation for all new construction in Yakima during 2019 was $144,302,655, a nearly 30 percent uptick from 2018’s $112,279,486.
  • The 2019 figure represents a more than 75 percent jump from the $81,457,182 in new valuation for 2017.

Building permit statistics for 2019 and previous years are available on the City of Yakima’s Building Permit Portal website at https://ci-yakima-wa.smartgovcommunity.com/Public/DocumentsView

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