An assault on the road Sunday nearly turned deadly. But police say the man is no longer a threat after the suspect was arrested.

A concerned driver first spotted the suspect on I-82

It happened on Sunday when a driver on I-82 noticed an erratic or possible drunk driver in a Suzuki Sidekick. Union Gap Police say the concerned driver called 9-1-1 and told police he was following the driver. The concerned driver followed the Suzuki Sidekick on an exit at Union Gap and that's when the Suzuki driver, identified as Zachary Norris stopped in the road, got out of his vehicle and pointed what looked like a gun at the concerned driver.

The incident continued and almost became deadly

Police say Norris then jumped back in his Suzuki and started tailgating the reporting driver who was still on the phone with police. The suspect then blocked the other driver at the intersection of Valley Mall Boulevard and Main Street intersection, jumped out and asked why he was being followed. The suspect driver then threatened the reporting driver with a gun and drove away.

Another driver and his dog were also assaulted

A short time later the suspect driver was followed by another concerned citizen. The suspect driver then stopped his vehicle again and again threatened the other driver while assaulting the driver's dog. That's when the suspect pulled a gun, threatened the driver and then before leaving fired a shot into the other drivers door before driving away.
The 30-year-old suspect was arrested by a Washington State Patrol trooper a short time after the shooting. The trooper stopped the suspect vehicle at Third Avenue and Valley Mall Boulevard and arrested the driver.
The suspect is sitting in the Yakima County jail on charges of assault, animal cruelty, drive-by shooting and drunken driving. His bail has been set at $100,000.

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