Ladies, you put up with all the slings and arrows of high school - the pettiness, the catfights, the unnecessary competition and the betrayals knowing that it will all be left behind when you get out and enter the workforce.  Surprise!  It doesn’t end!!

The office can be a lot like high school, and a new study reveals women are more likely to clash with their female co-workers than their male colleagues.  Where is the sisterhood?

George Washington University researchers surveyed 145 management level employees at two large U.S. companies where women made up less than one-third of the workforce. The data showed that women are more likely than men to have issues with a female co-workers, and were also more likely to report a female colleague as 'difficult' than they were to report a male co-worker that way.

What’s going on ladies, why would that be?

Another finding from the study published in the Organization Science Journal found  women who had female friends in their office were less likely to have an issue with other female co-workers. (Daily Mail)

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