Those of us on the East side of the state - the philosophical right or the "Right" side if you stand on the Oregon border and look North- are continually amazed and frustrated by the Democrat stronghold that is King County and the Puget Sound.  Who ARE these people and HOW can they think like they do???

To take the political temperature (not like a Covid-19 temperature test) we'll "eavesdrop" on (not like listening in on General Flynn) an exclusive KING 5 News poll  that suggests "President Donald Trump could be the first Republican presidential candidate to earn less than 35% of the popular vote in Washington in 108 years."

Here's how they got there. Of the people they polled (I didn't get a call did you?) 57% of our fellow Washingtonians said they would vote for Joe Biden with just 31% saying they would vote to re-elect the President..

OK, we might have expected that, after all, this is West Coast Washington and if you are a Republican you routinely write off White House.  But what about Governor "follow the science" lockdown?  Hasn't he done enough to at least be up for consideration of a statewide reconsideration?

At this time (5/22/20) in the King 5 poll, it would appear the Governor has it locked up already. "Washington gubernatorial incumbent Jay Inslee is almost certain to advance to the general election, according to the results of the survey. Among likely primary voters, Gov. Inslee is looking to secure about 50% of the vote."

Say it isn't so!

Former King County Executive Ron Sims says it's so, “I would not run against a Gov. Inslee, and if somebody came to me and said, I'll pay you a million dollars. You know, I'd say you're wasting a million dollars. I'm not I'm, you know, I just can't take your money and nobody should. So I think that the governor's race is all but decided that this we’re just waiting for the votes.”


Ouch.  But what about those quality conservative candidates?  The Primary is August 4th with the Top Two moving on. What does the race for #2 look like?

King Five survey says, "The six Republicans who oppose Inslee in the primary account for 26% of the vote. Of those who took the survey, 8% say the would vote for Tim Eyman, 6% for Phil Fortunato, 6% for Joshua Freed, 4% for Loren Culp, 2% for Raul Garcia, and 1% for Anton Sakharov....Another 23% say they are undecided."

Is that the fat lady line up to sing? No, it's just the Governor crowing about an approval rating of  61%.

Again I ask. WHO are these people and HOW do they think like this?

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