The Young Adult Extreme Winter Weather Shelter opens Tuesday at Englewood Christian Church in Yakima for Young Adults ages 18 to 24.  A press release from Yakima Neighborhood Health Services says those who use the shelter will check-in at Rod’s House between 5pm and 7pm to have dinner. At 8pm they will be transported to Englewood Christian Church at 511 north 44th avenue to stay until morning.  In the morning, they will be transported to St. Michael’s Church on Naches Ave where they can stay warm until the Hot Spot, the warming Center at Yakima Neighborhood Health Services’ Depot, opens at 9am.

They say they have 57 people volunteering their time either as an overnight monitor, a Rod’s house monitor, a director (someone who opens the church), a donation tracker, or a back-up person.  This is in addition to the 150+ community members and organizations who have either donated items, space, or money to the project.


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