Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi says if the Yakima city council passes an inclusive policing ordinance barring officers from asking about immigration status it won't change the way officers do their jobs on a daily basis. Rizzi says it's clear. "We don't enforce federal law. We enforce state and local law and our officers don't ask about immigration status."
The council Tuesday is expected to rescind the April 4 vote that ended the discussion on the issue and consider another motion that would direct staff to complete a draft policy to be considered by the Yakima city council within the next 90 days.
Rizzi says he's not concerned about the future ordinance unless it's quote "detrimental" to the police department like a sanctuary city ordinance that could result in the withholding of federal funds.
The council meets at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday at Yakima City Hall.

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