What happens during June will determine the evolution of the 2015 El Nino. DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist Mike Palmerino says the Southern Oscillation Index has retreated from its very strong El Nino levels the last week or so - and he says this bears watching. The U.S. forecast model shows ocean temperatures continuing to warm through July - but the Australia forecast model calls for ocean temperatures to reach their warmest levels by July - and then start to slowly and consistently level off.

More than 280 organizations are urging members of the U.S. House of Representatives to reject the repeal of Country of Origin Labeling. The coalition says polls show nine of ten Americans support COOL - and consumers continue to demand more information about their food. Even though the WTO has issued its decision on COOL - the coalition says the U.S. has a sovereign right to allow the dispute process to proceed to its completion and decide how and whether to implement the adverse ruling. The groups say it is premature for the Congress to unilaterally surrender.

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