She's just 8 years old but Ava Martinez, the pint-sized impersonator of NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is cracking up social media like a seasoned veteran comedian.

Hundreds of thousands have chuckled to her exaggerated look of bright red lips and over-sized glasses not to mention the things she says.    And that's my point.

What mini O.A.C says sound hilarious coming from an 8 year old, but it sounds embarrassing, naive and even dangerous when said by the 29 year old representative.

“Like, in July, the climate was 96 degrees and in February the climate was 36 degrees. OMG, like that’s a huge change in the climate in only” — she pauses to count her fingers — “four months...At this rate, the world is going to end in exactly 12 years,”

Ava's stepdad says she loves acting, she's adorable, and he knew the videos would gain some attention but nothing like what its become.


So to the greater point -Good comedy is often just an exaggeration of something that is real and already potentially laughable.  But when the 8 year old says, "I also want to talk about socialism because socialism is so, socialism is actually short for social media. I do social media, so I’m a socialist.",  it's almost a little too close to what you might actually hear the real A.O.C. say, and while that's often funny, it's also really too bad for the rest of us!


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