Only 17 percent of Americans see President Obama as a strong and decisive military leader, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll that was taken after the U.S. and its allies began the Libyan military operation. Nearly half, 48 percent, instead view Obama as a cautious and consultative commander-in-chief, with 36 percent seeing him as indecisive in military matters.

Ipsos Public Affairs Director Julia Clark told Reuters, "The data suggest [Obama] is perceived to be more consultative in his approach, which may distinguish him in the minds of the American public from his predecessor, George W. Bush, who was not perceived to be." Respondents were given three choices to pick from: "cautious and consultative"; "strong and decisive"; "indecisive and dithering."

The poll also found that 60 percent of Americans support the Libyan operation, and an even higher 79 percent back the U.S. and its allies trying to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power. However, only seven percent are in favor of deploying ground troops.

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