Ok fellas, the ladies have us on this one...it's our hormones, our genetics, our caveman proclivities-whatever but we fall for it more than women.  Facebook Scams are the cheese bait to our male motivations...From a recent study " Men fall for scams on social networking sites more easily than women, according to the results of a survey of more than 1,500 internet users in the UK and U.S. And it's not just because women are naturally more cautious when it comes to handing over private information -- it actually boils down to the sex factor. The study, commissioned by anti-virus software company Bitdefender, said "men are suckers for a scantily clad female stranger wanting to be their 'friend' on sites like Facebook." Surveying 1,649 men and women in the UK and America, the study revealed men were far more likely to: accept friendship requests from strangers; announce their location, ignore privacy settings; leave their account open for all to view; and fail to read a website's privacy policies. (inewsone.com)"