The handsome hound on the leash is rescue dog Dewey. After 6 years of fun, affection and frustration he caught cancer and was mercifully put to sleep.  The tears and the sadness didn't last long.  They were pushed out by the puppy in the picture with my wife Sara.  This little dude is new rescue dog River Rocket who looks quite a bit like the big shoes/paws he hopes to fill.

Some people don't like dogs, I like dogs but my wife loves dogs and there are even some people who can't see the difference between a pooch and people!

The Daily Mail report on a study that concludes your feelings about dogs comes from your own genes. Researchers from Sweden and England looked at twins, and found whether or not you get a dog is influenced by your genetics, and may even be inherited.

Scientists say that though humans have kept dogs as pets for many years, it's not clear exactly why we do it.  Study authors say that the finding is important for two reasons: 1) it may explain why humans have such a long history with having dogs as pets and 2) it could explain why other studies have connected owning a dog with health benefits


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