The Golden Retriever did her job. She alerted us to the fact that there was an intruder in our front yard.

I assumed that she was barking at the delivery person bringing dinner to the door, but it turns out it was instead, two uninvited guests clucking their way through our front yard.

Jimmy Johns Delivery Person Complimented me on my Chickens

As she handed me our order, which had been delivered freaky-fast, she chuckled as she said, 'I love your chickens in the yard, I used to have chickens too'. Feeling the kind of pride you feel when someone appreciates your pets, I thought, well, thank you very much - um, wait, what? I don't have chickens.

Our newest Golden Retriever, Clover, barked again as if to say 'Duh, I've been trying to tell you there are chickens in the front yard, Dad!' I looked out the front window of our home and sure enough, a beautiful rooster and hen combination clucked and pecked their way back and forth across our lawn. The delivery person drove away before I could tell her they weren't my chickens. Not that it mattered, but she must have thought I was nuts for having chickens going free-range in the unfenced yard along a busy street.

Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson

While surprised to see these fowl feathered friends, I knew a couple of neighbors had chickens and assumed they'd gotten loose. I didn't want to spook them and have them attempt to answer the road-crossing question, so my wife summoned the neighbor to come to get the birds. He arrived and announced, yes those are fine chickens, and no they're not mine.


I attempted to post a video of the chickens along with a narrative of what had happened and where they could be found on a local FB group page, but so far, the admin hasn't posted it.

Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson

I tried to get them corralled inside our gate to keep them safe (away from our dogs of course) but they wouldn't accept my offer. Finally, they wandered off just before dark, presumably, my chicken-owning neighbor suggested, to get back home to roost. I can only hope they did.

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