I recently had lunch and a mini-reunion with some former co-workers.  They are really great people, time was too short and of course we HAD to take the obligatory selfies as we were ready to leave.T

I don't take many selfies but lots of people do and some of them are looking for ways to look better on screen.

May i introduce you to -- the liquid nose job!  It's a way to get a nose job without going under the knife called a nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

No thanks, but if your interested here's how it works.  Needle, not knife!  The procedure involves fillers being injected to shape the nose to make it appear more contoured.

The idea is catching on with the more self absorbed.  A New York City-based plastic surgeon interviews by Fox News says the just three years ago, she was doing one or two a month... now, it's between 30 and 40 a month.

Doctors say you get the better look at a much lower price and without the painful recovery.  Say cheese!

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