The Crab Feed.  One of the iconic fund raisers for the Yakima Valley.  Good friends, a good cause and a few hundred pounds of good crab and you have yourself a non-profit fund raising extravaganza.

The stories are legendary, the memories untouched by time.  I have had some great times and great meals in the West Valley Junior High helping the  West Valley Kiwanis club scare up a little cash and a lot of community camaraderie .

Unfortunately, like so many events, the Coronavirus pandemic cancelled last year's crab feed for the West Valley Kiwanians.  At the same time, The Kiwanis Club of Yakima, which for years has hosted Rock the Gap at Sarg Hubbard Park, saw that event cancelled too. What to do, what to do?

Here's what!  Adapt, improvise, overcome and break out even more crab  -  Kiwanis Clubs of Yakima and West Valley have announce "Rock the Crab!"

Cami Leonard, Kiwanis Club Event Chair says, "We got together as Kiwanians and said “why not have a drive-thru Crab feed?” and Rock the Crab was born."

A Kiwanis press release lays out the particulars : "The event will be held in the parking lot of Single Hill Brewing on Saturday May 1st – a limited number of advanced tickets are available on the Kiwanis Club’s website and facebook pages."

The Major sponsors of Rock the Crab include King Crab sponsors Evergreen Home Loans, Single Hill Brewing, Fidelity Title Company, Banner Bank and Tri-Ply Construction.

On KIT we often kid about "doing it for the children" but in this case it's true. Kiwanis is a global service organization of volunteers with a special focus on helping children locally and around the world.  You can find out more about the organization with the odd name and the big heart here.




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