A murder case involving a body found in a car near Roza Dam took an odd turn recently when deputies discovered a second body in the trunk of the same car. Kittitas County deputies now have a double murder case on their hands. The victims were identified Monday as 37-year-old Michael Eby and 35-year-old Ryan Pederson, both from Yakima. Detectives found Pederson shot to death in the backseat of a Nissan near Roza Dam Friday. Then on Monday, they announced they found Eby dead inside the trunk of the same car. Detectives say the car belonged to Eby's father. He told police his son borrowed it Thursday and never returned.

A driver passing by called police after spotting the car off the road in the Yakima Canyon. There's no indication from investigators of a motive or if they have any suspects for this double murder. Following a trail that ended here in an isolated spot in Yakima Canyon.