Medstar wants Driver's

Congratulations to the new hires over at MedStar, currently hiring drivers. Rocky says they've hired a few good driver's because of this weekly listing so if you have a valid license and don't mind driving to help others this could be a really good job to apply for and that's not the only job that's available right now.

Meraki Creations is hiring for front and back of the house

Know of more jobs? Let me know and I'll update all week

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Popeyes is hiring managers and more

Sarah Johnson
They are hiring

While I was driving to the store I noticed that Popeye's is hiring managers, notice the s so not just one. Part-time and full-time positions are available. They have a catchy theme song and the food is good, go for it.

Habit Burger needs every position filled

Sarah Johnson
They are hiring

Right next to Popeyes the Habit Burger is almost ready to open, meaning they are needing to hire people for all the different positions. This could be the burger adventure of a life time.

Purr in Yakima is hiring

Speaking of delicious food Yakima Thai Cuisine is hiring.

Delivery Drivers

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital many different positions

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic loads of positions

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