Potato Cakes are back at Arby's and did you know there's a Washington state tie-in (kind of)?

Arby's Potato Cakes

We all know who actor Kyle MacLachlan is, right? Well, he's the new spokesperson for the Arby's potato cakes!

Kyle is from Yakima, so I had to jump in these interwebs and give him a shout out!

This Arby's returning side dish sensation is only available for a limited time. (Why aren't they making it a permanent fixture on their menu, I wonder?)

Arby's Potato Cakes
Arbys via TikTok
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How did Kyle MacLachlan get picked for promoting Arby's, you ask?

Kyle says that Arby's officials sought him out personally. How did they know he was a huge fan of their potato cakes?

When you get a moment to watch this video commercial with Kyle in it, I think you will crack up laughing at his get up. What is he wearing?

Kyle MacLachlan Arby's Potato Cakes
arbys via Tiktok

Kyle MacLachlan grew up in Yakima and graduated from Ike (Eisenhower High School). He loved performing in local theatre and that's where he got his acting bug.

He's starred in some of favorite TV shows and films, like playing Trey in Sex and the City, the crazy mayor of Portland in Portlandia, the creepy detective in Twin Peaks, and I haven't seen his version of the original Dune movie yet, but I can't wait to watch it soon when I get some free time!

@arbysWelcome to The Order of Potato Cakes. A collection of like-minded people passionate about Arby's potato cakes. PLEASE enjoy Potato Cakes every moment you can during our limited but beautiful time together. JOIN US️‍️♬ original sound - Arbys

This is a funny review of Arby's Potato Cakes. TikTok influencer, Jarrod Benson, even mentioned on his Very Cool Food Reviews channel that Kyle MacLachlan is the reason he ran out of his house to try them.

@verycoolfoodreviews Arby’s Potato Cakes are back #foodreview @Arbys ♬ original sound - Very Cool Food Reviews

You can order your own potato cakes online or at the closest Arby's location near you in Washington state!

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