So Vice President Mike Pence will not have meals alone with any woman other than his wife, Karen – so what!  Vice President Mike Pence won't attend events where alcohol is served without her present – so what??

Pence follows an Evangelical Christian practice known as the "Billy Graham rule" designed to avoid even the appearance of an inappropriate relationship and to protect his marriage.

It used to be that people of character guided their behavior to avoid a conflict of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest.  Sadly, journalists lost that a while back and a lot of people never developed it in the first place.

When word of this was published social media, as expected, went nut.  Lots of Hyenas and Jackals (with all due respect to the scavenger animal kingdom) jumped in to criticize the Pence’s saying that their loving agreement dehumanizes women and reduces them to "sexual temptations" who can't be platonic friends to men.  Others suggested that this could hurt some women's careers by leaving them out of after-work events.

I applaud Mike & Karen Pence for finding the best way for them to live their lives and honor their marriage.  Dollars to doughnuts says many of those howling the loudest support any and all other kinds of relationships in an anything goes culture.  Anything that is except for a relationship that reflects character, trust building, honor, love and a willing God-centered sacrifice for each spouse.

I say shame on them but I’m sure the Pence family would say to forgive them - for they know not what they do….or what a good thing the pence family has.

What say you?  (BuzzFeed)

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