Being a pet owner has it's ups and downs. However, according to an article by the National Enquier, pets bring more good to your life than you may think.

pets and owners

If you had a chance to listen to the show today, you might have heard the guys' interview with veterinarian, Dr. Lutz Harfst. Dr. Harfst talked about the power of Healing Light, a new form of laser therapy for animals.  Laser Therapy has been helping humans for quite sometime, but is just recently being used on animals also. This type of therapy helps our pets to be happier and healthier. Well, according to a study done by Ohio's Miami University, pets can be a sort of healing therapy for us, making their owners  more content,  in better health, and  more adjusted  than people who do not have pets. 

In this study, it was found that people with pets are more physically fit and have higher self esteem. Pets also provide their owners with a sense of companionship that makes them less lonely, more extroverted, and less fearful. Allen R. McConnell, Ph.D. stated that petowners also tend to be "less preoccupied than non-owners".

So the next time you gulp at the number of digits on Rover's vet bill, moan at the sight of the feathers on the living room floor that were originally intended for the couch pillows, or gro a n thinking about the cost of  whats left of those expensive leather shoes...just remember how much Rover actually does for you.