When you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and you start to add up the blessings in your as the gravy boat comes sailing into port., stop for a moment and think about the thousands of kids who have never been where you are now.  If that thought particularly tugs at your heart, then maybe you are a candidate to be a foster parent. Washington's Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) website is a good first stop.

How Tp Plug Into The System

"By becoming a foster parent, you provide children and youth with a safe, loving, temporary home and make it possible for them to stay in the same school, participate in familiar activities, and stay connected to their parents and siblings".

  • If you’d like someone to email or call you about fosteringcomplete the inquiry form and a member of the CaRES team will contact you within 48 business hours.
  • If you’d like to talk to someone about fostering, call 1-888-KIDS-414.
  • If you’d like to read more information about fostering, check out our Becoming a Foster Parent FAQ
  • If at any time you have a question, we encourage you to contact the CaRES team who can address your question and provide support.

Help Is Needed Here

There are also agencies around the state that work with the DCYF to help match local families with kids in need, organizations like the Foster First Agency in Yakima and Wenatchee.

 Foster First says there are over 400,000 entering the American foster care system every year and right now 196 licensed Foster Homes serving 300 kids right here in Yakima!

This morning we spoke with Foster First's Greg Reichenberger about Yakima's need and what it takes to become a foster parent.

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