Another Monday morning on the radio and the boys are yapping again. As Lance says "we talk local, we talk regional and we talk national" and of course he's right. But there is one thing we aren't talking enough about and by "we" I mean, Republicans, Conservatives, Patriots and everyday Americans fed up by the lies and misrepresentations the media and the far left serves up everyday to shape a a view of America that's simply not true.

Sooner or later each one of us will have to decide which vision of America we want for our future and hopefully we'll take that stand at the ballot box.  But until then, we have to continue to seek the truth, present it when we find it - LOUD and CLEAR and push back on those who would serve up lies and the false narrative that Black men are hunted down and killed by racist cops on a near daily basis.

This morning we made mention of the Hodge twins - a couple of Black brothers (I know) who see clearly and express comically the outrageous lies of the left.

The Hodge twins are Kevin and Keith and the Virginia born duo started out as body building comedians who posted questionable but comedic advice on you tube.  Over time, the clever pair pushed way past just being "woke" and continued to observe, research, study and learn and have managed to reached some conclusions on their own as to what's really going on in America.

In reaction to the protests and violence following the death of George Floyd and the national irrational embracing of Black Live Matter rhetoric, the Hodges set out to show that All lives matter and that Whites too are victimized by some of the few bad actors in the national police population.

Check 'em out and consider following them, at least up to the election. They will restore your confidence that your thoughts and beliefs about what's fair and real aren't out of line.

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