When it comes to picking NFL winners, you win some and you lose some -- unless you're this guy. Yakima's Gene Patnode knows a thing or two about professional football. But more than just watch and enjoy, Gene likes to calculate and predict who will win and why. And why not, he's the best at it!

Gene is Yakima's Townsquare Media Pro Football Pick 'Em regular season winner for 2018.


We interviewed him right after Wild Card Weekend, so as you'll see he isn't 100 percent on all his picks. But he IS better than the rest of us. For his victory, he'll pick up more than $400 in cash and prizes from KIT and our sponsor the Yakima Steak Co. He still has a chance at even bigger bucks with his predictions for football's final game Feb. 3.

In the video above, a very pleasant and easygoing Patnode talks about his methods and which teams he sees moving on to "the BIG game."

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