There are loads of local groups helping each other find toilet paper and hand sanitizer and then there are our Local Booze Fairies! Say what?

Oh yes! There is a private group called Booze Fairies Yakima (Women Only) on Facebook. They are about to hit 4,000 members and it's a must to be a part if only to watch the shenanigans!

Here is what the creators had to say

Carlene Bossert and I love the group we started (Booze Fairies-Yakima women only group) is the name and spreading kindness around the Yakima Valley, it's been helping ladies get creative, having fun with it, lifting spirits and also making new friends! ~ Christine Groenig

And it's so true! I have seen mutual Facebook friends laughing because they locked eyes with someone else at the store, with a bunch of booze and snacks in their carts and they BOTH admitted they were Booze Fairies!

If you aren't from the Yakima area, no worries, the fairies are everywhere!

Here is the Booze Fairies - Lower Valley Addition (Women Only) and if Booze isn't your thing there is also Gift-A-Gal Yakima/Selah Addition and even Gift a Gal or kid Cowiche/Yakima/Selah/Tieton/Naches and even Gift a Bro because the guys were starting to get all kind of jelly ;)

I haven't thrown my name in the mix because I would eat everything in one sitting but that didn't stop my sister-in-law from surprising me last Thursday with my own basket at the station. I was SO excited and felt so special so I know this is an incredible giving service that everyone involved is doing. It's important to lift each other up right now.

Each basket has items in it that you specifically love because the first thing you do once becoming a member is you tell all the fairies what your interests are. Then someone adopts you like the senior project and boozes you! haha

The local Dollar Store on Nob Hill knows the fairies have been going hard lately so they created easy access for them!

Our local booze fairies of Yakima been very busy

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