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The Hybrid In-School version of education is about to begin across the valley including at East Valley High School near Moxee.   Sophomore Brady Locke is a good student, he has supportive parents who are themselves educators and he was able to overcome the distractions and obstacles to on-line learning and earned a straight "A" report card.  Awesome job Brady!

Still, he says it was hard to keep on task and to see the ultimate purpose of earning good grades without some kind of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.. He is well aware that not every student has his positive home circumstance, his personal drive and focus and he feels bad for those who struggled more than he did..

What he misses most is the social interaction with his peers. Seeing friends, hanging out, having face to face conversations and our experience with Brady is that he is a young man with plenty to say.

In our interview Brady shares his thoughts on the fears of the coronavirus, the election results and concerns about the new administration.  That's pretty sophisticated conversation for someone who more than qualifies as still a "kid!"

Some of us dinosaurs are frustrated by what we see is a lack of education, interest or respect by many of today's young people.  We worry about them and their future.  Then we meet a young man like Brady Locke and we realize the future is brighter than we feared.

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