Yakima Police say good detective work has lead to the arrest of a suspect in the February 16 shooting death of 71-year-old Gerald Moore. Moore was shot in the driveway of his 8th Street home after someone called out to him from a vehicle. The vehicle fled and Moore died in his driveway.

The suspect has been behind bars since mid-February

Today Yakima Police say the suspect is behind bars. Capt Jay Seely says after Moore was shot detectives were able to identify the suspect vehicle. That information was given to patrol officers who spotted the suspect vehicle on February 22. They chased the vehicle until the car crashed into a power pole near 20th Avenue and River Road. The driver, 25-year-old Vincent Mora-Worthington fled, but police were able to track him to a Lake Aspen apartment where they arrested him for eluding and hit-and-run.

While the suspect sat in jail detectives were busy putting together a murder case

As he sat in jail Seely says "Officers and detectives were able to match shell casings taken from Mora-Worthington’s car’s windshield wiper and interior of the car and match them to casings found at the homicide scene. A .38 caliber pistol and suspected fentanyl pills were also located inside the vehicle."
On Friday 25-year-old Vincent Mora-Worthington was told he's facing a charges of Second-Degree-Murder and Drive-By Shooting in connection with the fatal shooting of 71-year-old Gerald Moore.

Police are hoping the arrest brings closure to the victim's family

Seely says “this is an excellent example of the collaborative efforts between our patrol and Criminal Investigations Division. Hopefully, this will bring some closure to Mr. Moore’s family and friends.” Police haven't released a motive in the crime.
The investigation continues Today.

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