Tucker Carlson just turned 51 years old (5-16-69)  but he still looks, and at times, acts like a preppy college kid. You can watch his show on the Fox News Channel weeknights at 5 pm pacific and you should,  Between his analysis on the news of the day and the often brilliant commentary from his guests, it's a daily antidote to that which flows forth* from CNN, MSNBC, and the national Television Networks. (* and forth could be spelled "fourth" in terms of ratings and that's the kind of dig Tucker Carlson would appreciate!)

Carlson has produced a number of outstanding monologues during the protests and riots following the death of George Floyd and he says simply and eloquently what so many of us everyday Americans are thinking as we watch cities burn, innocents attacked and leftist leaders standing by and making  excuses for unacceptable and un-American behavior.

From a recent program "A police station in a major American city was occupied and looted and burned. Most of us simply would never live to see something like that happen here. But it did happen....No one in authority seems especially interested in apprehending the people who did it. All of it happened on camera, but the perpetrators just walked away. And it's possible, maybe likely, that most them will never be punished for it. That's striking. It's a very different experience from the ones most Americans have living here."


Carlson articulates what I yell at the TV screen.  "How can elected leadership allow this to happen...why don't they keep people and property safe?"  Carlson says our leaders have sided with the agents of chaos.




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