Yakima Fire Department officials are warning people about the danger of lakes and streams as the temperatures rise this weekend and next week. The department offers a life jacket loan program, funded and maintained by the Yakima Firefighters Association. Everyone is free to use the life jackets all they ask is they be returned.
The life jackets are available at two locations: YFD Fire Station 93, 511 N. 40th Avenue; and YFD Fire Station 92, 7707 Tieton Drive.
Once you're out on the water and you get in trouble the fire department has a water rescue team, inflatable river rafts and a jet boat.
The department has these tips;

Never swim alone.
Swim in designated areas only, and swim only when a lifeguard is on duty.
Wear a life jacket while boating – even on calm waters.
Actively supervise children near water.
Learn CPR and rescue techniques.
Make sure the water matches your skill level. Swimming in a pool is much different than swimming in a lake or river, where more strength is needed to handle currents.
Don’t push or jump on others.
Don’t dive in unfamiliar areas.

A news release from the department says "water that is warm on the surface can be much colder below. The risks of cold water shock and hypothermia, which occurs when the body is suddenly submerged in cold water, can lead to hyperventilation, cardiac arrest and potential drowning."


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