What?!?!  A fight in the stands at a pro football game?
It's more likely than you'd expect.

Sarcasm *click!* 'Off'.

One of the many reasons I waited until my son was 9 years old to take him to an NFL game in person is evidenced by this melee` that occurred yesterday in Phoenix during the home team Cardinals' victory over the visiting San Francisco 49ers.

Too often, a mixture of alcohol and heated rivalries create a volatile environment.  And when one team's fans are clearly on the winning or losing side, words get more heated and, sadly, come to blows.

Not very family-friendly and, worse, a sad commentary on our society.

It's just a game, folks.

The following was videoed by a fan in the stands and shows a number of people involved in a brawl that sent many patrons sprawling down a flight of concrete stairs.  It also shows that stadium security -- the vast majority hired as part-time, game-day-only workers -- clearly do not get paid enough.  Keep your eye on the guard in the powder blue "S.A.F.E." shirt.  HE gets choked, punched, trampled and bled on.
*Warning* - If blood and/or physical violence makes you squeamish, you might want to not click the video.

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